Tired, Really Tired!

Yesterday was one of those days.

It was supposed to be a two-hour drive to Columbia for a several-hours-long meeting, then a return trip to teach a dance class at 7 pm, followed by rehearsal for “The Rocky Horror Show” from 8:30 ‘til 10 pm.

So much for what was supposed to be.

When I stopped for gas, I noticed there was a problem with a tire. It was almost flat and there was one huge bubble or knot on it. I was at an interstate exit that was most definitely NOT metropolitan, and I must admit that I don’t know how to change tires.  I don't even know how to put air in tires! (Yes, shame on me!)

Having stopped at this particular exit before, I recalled seeing a large yellow sign with one word on it in big black letters: TIRES. I drove just past the sign to find a small building with loads of large tires in front on the ground. Two men were sitting out front. I learned soon that this business worked mostly with tires for large trucks.

The owner was one of the two men; he came and looked at the tire and told me I couldn’t drive any more at all on that tire, which he thought had been cut, slashed or otherwise punctured. He didn’t have what I needed in stock but said he could order and have it there later in the day but it would cost extra for him to go pick it up and he didn’t have a delivery scheduled from the supplier in Columbia. The only spare I had was what is called a “doughnut” – not something to be driven on for much distance (or at my usual speed.) His employee put the doughnut tire on the car.

Since the tire supplier was in Columbia and only slightly out of my way to the meeting, the owner suggested that I go pick it up, then bring it back with me on my way home in the afternoon for him to put it on the car. The catch was that the supplier didn’t sell to individuals; it was wholesale only.

So, the owner gave me cash, told me to get the tire and bring him the change. He called the supplier and made arrangements. Now, what’s surprising is that the owner never even asked me my name, for any identification, for a phone number or anything else before handing me the cash! Before I left, I voluntarily gave him my name but wasn't sure he actually heard me or paid much attention.

But the story doesn’t end here. When I stopped at the supplier’s place of business, the man who brought the tire to the car for me pointed out a cut, slash or puncture on a second tire. He said I didn’t need to be driving on that tire either. He obviously wasn’t trying to sell me a tire because individuals couldn’t buy from there. And there wasn’t enough money from the retailer to purchase two tires, nor did I have permission to do so. Then, as he walked around the car to put the tire in the back seat, he found a third tire with a cut in it. He said that one might last a little longer but not much.

I went to the meeting but during a break called an area tire dealer who said he could order the replacement and have it later in the afternoon. I left the meeting early, went to the tire store, purchased the tire and had it put on in the place of the second defective tire. Although I had the first new tire in the car, they couldn’t put it on in place of the doughnut because, at this point, it belonged to the business owner about 30 miles away – the one who had given me cash to buy the tire.

Still utilizing the supposedly limited-use doughnut, along with one brand new tire, another with a small cut in it, and yet another that seemed to be okay, I drove out to the interstate and back down to the exit with the big yellow sign – and the business owner waiting for his change from the cash he had given me, arriving barely before closing time.

It was 6:05 pm when I left; I still had about 65 miles to go to teach dancing at 7 pm, and even more to do after that. Yes, it was one of those days!

I was tired - and literally re-tired, twice over!


Sandee said...

This would never happen in California. They would have driven off with the money never to be seen again. Wait, the owner would never have given anyone any money in the first place.

I need to move where you live. Just saying.

I hope today was a much better day. :)

kayerj said...

whew! what a day.

Willy said...

Sounds like you were really TIRED after that day.

10-4 Willy

Syd said...

It's nice to know that there are still trusting individuals out there.

Unknown said...

Sounds like the tire man was an earth angel, and the trust he had for you when he gave you the cash is remarkable. I am glad you got your tires fixed. What a day for you. I hope you rested well the next day! :)

The Retired One said...

Oh gosh...I would have been worried.
The bigger question though,is who would have slashed ALL of your tires????

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