Who's the Most Harried of Them All?

Who’s the most harried among us?
Stay-at-home moms with three children under the age of 4? Stay-at-home moms with four active teens?
Moms who work outside the home AND take care of all the duties of home? Single parents who are holding down one or more jobs and taking care of children? Working adults who are responsible for their children AND their parents?
There’s probably not just one answer.
I’ve heard a story, though, of a mom who was definitely harried.
It happened years ago, when babies used playpens instead of the more updated accessories, like Pack-n-Play or Play-n-Go.
A mother with four very young children went overseas with her missionary husband to a remote area.
As a gift, their home church congregation sent the family a playpen, thinking this would be a useful item for a family with several young children.
The woman sent a note of thanks to the congregation. In it she wrote: “Thank you so much for the playpen. You cannot imagine how useful it is. Every afternoon, I get in it for about an hour so that none of the children can reach me.”

Don’t you just love it? And -- don't you just know that feeling????

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