The theme in this week's PhotoHunt in blogland is "creamy."

My "thinking cap" wasn't working properly, so I wasn't very creative.

There's Cream of Onion, Cream of Chicken (twice) and peanut butter that's "Now Even Creamier." Perhaps I should have done skin creams or something creamy yellow, but this is it.

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Just Jan said...

no worries about the thinking cap...I think many of us had that dilemma today too.

Alice Audrey said...

LOL!! I love it.

srp said...

Well, cream soups are my favorite... love, love, love lobster bisque! None in sight here right now though.
Mine is up here.

kayerj said...

I'm glad somebody remembered campbells cream soups--I use them all the time. Hope you can stop by to view my photo hunt Thanks so much.

Debbie@Like a Rose said...

Good choice - a creamy staple!

Thoughts & prayers are with you...

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