Photo Hunt: IN MEMORY

This week's PHOTO HUNT theme is IN MEMORY.

The boxer in the middle is my dad. As a boxer, he was known as the "Blond Tiger." I'll have more about his life outside the ring on Father's Day.

My first child was his first grandchild. She started calling him Pepa, which others after her used also. One day Dad chuckled and said, "What a big difference in the sounds of those two names: I've gone from being Blond Tiger to Pepa!"

Mom said this was the easiest money they ever made: She sat with the crowd and clapped while he got his nose bashed in! (There'll be more here about Mom on Mother's Day.)

Just recently I found Dad's notebook or journal in which he recorded his fights, along with wins and losses. It was interesting reading.

Dad died 8 years ago after a long battle with cancer. This was one fight he didn't win.

Or maybe, after all, he did!

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Tracey@Aloha Monkeys said...

What a great memory! My post is also of my dad who lost his battle with cancer four years ago. His was a very short battle, so he didn't suffer for too long.

NitWit1 said...

Great memory and love you site. I hope to soon be an ex-alderman when this term, my third, expires.

My post:

Sandy said...

Fantastic photo and thanks for sharing your memories.
These are such wonderful pictures and sentiments.
Mine's up,too

charlotte said...

Wow! Your dad was ripped! That is a great photo - thanks for sharing. :)

Willa said...

what a great way to remember your dad, my dad passed away two years ago though.

Anonymous said...

Not only was your father in great shape but he was a very good looking man. Great photo!

Mine's up here:

JyLnC's In Memory

jennytalks said...

what a nice photo memory of your dad. Keep the journal that you found too...

Tara R. said...

That is a great photo. I look forward to reading more about your dad (and your mom). I bet he had some wonderful stories.

RJ Flamingo said...

You must have a real treasure trove of memories! Thanks for sharing, Sherry - and Happy Mother's Day!

jams o donnell said...

What a wonderful entry! I am sure he was a big pussycat and not a tiger when called Pepa! Happy weekend

Carver said...

That's a fantastic shot of your Dad from his boxing days. What a wonderful photograph to have and a great take on the theme.

healingmagichands said...

Thanks for sharing the Blond Tiger with us. Looks like he was a great guy!


Annie said...

Nice photo and memories of your dad. Perfect for this theme.

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