No iPod in Austria

Three years ago this month, I was getting ready to live in a dorm for almost six weeks. At the age of 56! In Austria.

I was to study International Commercial Arbitration at Johannes Kepler Universitat in Linz, Austria.

No, this wasn’t an Elderhostel group.

We were law students from Georgia State University, Charleston School of Law, Rutgers University, Mercer University, the University of South Carolina and Seattle University School of Law.

There were over 50 of us and 95% were in their 20s. I was the oldest in the group, without any doubt or question.

In advance of our trip, we each received a list of suggested items to take with us. One was an iPod.

I mentioned that list to my son, Tree.

He said, “Mom, do NOT buy an iPod. Do NOT. You are too old for an iPod. You would look silly with an iPod.”

Okay, so I’m out of the tune with the modern world. I did not get an iPod.

Ah, the realities of life brought to us by our children.

(These are pictures of Tree when he graduated from George Washington School of Law.)


Ann On and On... said...

Age is just a number... Get an iPod. Although, I prefer my mp3 player of my iPod.

I use mine for books. I listen to whatever (old or new) while I jog, garden, clean the house... it is great.

Chatty Crone said...

You are an inspiration to us middle agers. You go girl!

Bo said...

Hi Sherry...I'm baaack...iPod, uPod, wePod??? Idon't know what a pod is unless it is the home for a pea...BTW, your son Tree, is a hunk! Congratulations to him!
;-) Bo

Sandee said...

You aren't too old for anything you want to have. Just saying. If we listen to our kids we won't ever do or have anything. They always think we are too old.

Have a terrific day. :)

Syd said...

Sherry, you are missing out. Get an IPod and enjoy it. You can listen to books, music, news, etc. And get an IPhone too while you're at the Apple Store. You won't regret any of it.

Unknown said...

Thank y'all for your very nice comments. Janice Dubois e-mailed her comment, saying she had a hard time leaving one on the blog. Here is hers: I tried to add a comment to your I-pod entry, but I don't think it

I told you to surprise Tree and just get an I-phone. Then you'd have
an I-pod and phone all in one device.

I could never figure out the features on my normal cell phone. I love
my I-phone!

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