Family, Friends and Facebook

Why am I on Facebook?

Well, I’m not certain about the “why” but I enjoy it.
This started about three years ago when I was in law school. I resisted for a while, thinking it was only for teens and the young 20-somethings.
Soon, though, I joined in. We set up study groups that way. This was our only serious use, however -- if I remember correctly.
Since then, the “face” of Facebook has changed. There are loads of people around my age. I’ve found long-lost friends from high school, from my hometown and more. It’s enjoyable to hear from them and to exchange news and pictures. People I knew as teenagers are now grandparents.
There are word games that I use for what I hope is “Alzheimer’s or dementia prevention.”
My Facebook “friends” are of all different ages, all walks of life and from just about everywhere.
Both of my daughters are Facebook friends.
Not my son, though.
I’ve sent a request on more than one occasion.
He refuses to befriend me. He says I’m too old for Facebook.
I'll bet he'd be surprised to learn there are people even older than I am on Facebook. Actually, he'd probably be shocked to find out there are people older than I am still LIVING!!!


Barb said...

That last line cracked me up! My nephew is horrified when I actually comment on his status or photo!

Ah, to be 18 again! LOL!

Bo said...

Hi Sherry....what???your son thinks YOU are too old for Facebook??? What tha...don't even tell him about all of us ol' blogger babes...heehee... ;-) Bo

Chatty Crone said...

Good for you, I've been thinking about it too.

Patricia Rockwell said...

My son and I are both on Facebook. He often makes disparaging remarks about things I say there. You are not alone.

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