A Tire, Taxes and Tea

Wednesday was not only Tax Day and Tea Party Day, it was also “Take a Wild Guess Day.”

Well, I’m taking a wild guess that it’s not just coincidental that Income Tax Pay Day and Take a Wild Guess Day are celebrated together. Sometimes paperwork, government regulations and bureaucracy make me want to just take a guess at things.

Anyway, I wanted to go to the Tea Party event in Charleston on Wednesday afternoon, but I went with The Dawg to the doctor’s office at the hospital.

While I was in the waiting room, I was filling out income tax forms and writing checks to IRS to get into the mail by 5 pm. I wasn’t taking a wild guess when filling out forms, but it certainly would be easier to do it that way!

We spent about three hours with the medical visit, meaning I had just over an hour left to get to the post office. The Dawg and I decided to head back to our town’s post office just ahead of the afternoon rush traffic.

That’s when a man drove up along side us and pointed to the front tire. It was flat.

Someone stopped and helped us by putting air in the tire, thereby allowing us to go about a mile to a place where we could get the tire fixed. The folks at the repair place (Gerald’s) were friendly and worked awfully fast to fix that tire – and then gave me a rose and didn’t charge a thing!

We missed the tea party but we made it to the post office with one whole minute to spare!
Now, that’s what I call living right!

Oh, by the way, April 15th is also “That Sucks Day.”
Can you guess why?

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Willy said...

Willy took a wild guess that he thinks we should drink more tea. However, the wild guess ended with "Willy Pay your Taxes"

10-4 Willy

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