Wordless Wednesday #2: Juggling to Music - It's Fantastic!

I had already posted for Wordless Wednesday and then received this, so I've got two posts today.

Thanks to Mom for sharing this.


Sandee said...

That was cool as heck. I'm tired just watching him. Excellent. Thanks for all the smiles. He's got a great sense of rhythm for sure.

Have a terrific day Sherry. :)

SandyCarlson said...

Now that is amazing.

skywind said...

Wow, too much. What is that hand? Yes hands of a demon. :)


Jackie said...

Sherry this is just marvelous....the music is so sentimental but the juggling is so funny along with it.

I had a really hard day today due to a real jerk, an ex-pat no less and I really needed something to lift my mood.

And you are always good for that. I hope you are having a good week!!:-)))

Changes in the wind said...


Anonymous said...

Very 'kewl' video ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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