Make Your Own!

This week, there have been all kinds of little-known holidays and observances.

For example, Sunday was “International Goof-off Day.” Well, I celebrated, but I just didn’t know I was doing it! I goofed off after church. Sunday was also "As Young As You Feel Day." For me, that wasn't the same all-day long!

Monday was “Near Miss Day.” Is this about almost-accidents or is it an almost-divorced Mrs., going from Mrs. to Miss?

Tuesday was "National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day." Gee, if only I hadn't given up chocolate for Lent!

Wednesday was “Pecan Day.”

Friday is “Viagra Day.” Friday is also “Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.” I’m just guessing there’s probably a country music song title about Viagra! There are songs about everything else, it seems.

Those are just a few of this week's observances.

Today – Thursday – (which is almost over) is “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.”
If you could make up a holiday, what would it be?

Whatever it is, someone has probably thought about it already and made it a holiday.

What would you like to celebrate or observe? And when would you choose to do it?


Bo said...

Hi Sherry...well, I had no idea yesterday was a holiday...if I could make up a special holiday, I think it would be "Speak English Only While In America Day, Week, Month, Year & Lifetime!" ;-) Bo

Syd said...

I'm happy today is Viagra day, I think!!! Never heard of that one or the others.
If I had to make up a special Holiday, it would be Random Act of Kindness day. And it would probably be on a Monday.

Unknown said...

Bo: "Speak English Only While in America Day" -- now that's a GREAT one!

Syd: Your idea is a good one also. That's probably something we should do every day, isn't it?

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