And The Winner Is . . .

Anonymous Poll #13 ended over the weekend and the results are in!
The question was: What is your favorite soft drink or soda? Each brand includes regular, diet & flavored of that particular brand.

And the winner was Coke! I'm a diet Coke-a-holic but I only voted once, so there must be others out there who favor Coke products. Are you some sort of soft drink-a-holic?

Here are your votes:
Dr. Pepper (24%)
Sprite (3%)
7-Up (0%)
Pepsi (18%)
Coke (39%)
Mountain Dew (0%)
Mello Yellow (3%)
Other (12%)

I was surprised that Dr. Pepper beat Pepsi. How about you? Do you think these results accurately reflect the popularity and preferences around the world? I wonder what soft drinks comprise the "other" category for voters. Perhaps various brands of ginger ale and root beer?

Thanks to all who participated!


Sandee said...

When I was still drinking sodas Diet Pepsi was my favorite. I just drink water now. Boring, but it's better for me.

Have a terrific day. :)

Syd said...

I drink Club Soda and like that. I favor Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke but also like Diet Dr. Pepper. Interesting poll.

storyteller said...

Pepsi's my favorite so if I'd gotten here sooner, perhaps the results would have shifted?
Hugs and blessings,

skywind said...

I very much enjoy Coca-Cola. :)
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{rachel} said...

From here in TX, those results look about right. Of course, in TX, Dr Pepper probably would have beat out Coke. A few years ago, a few days before Hurricane Rita blew through, my mom went to to the grocery store to stock up on some things. She went down the soda aisle and the ONLY soda left was Pepsi! Even the off brand, off taste sodas were gone.

Unknown said...

I am a diet coke a-holic, but I actually like the store brand of diet colas better than Coca Cola products because they don't taste as sweet to me.

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