To Curl or Not To Curl?

Just the other day, daughter Mandy said she thought her 11-month-old son would look older once he got more hair.
More hair? She’s lucky he has ANY hair, being her son.
When Mandy, my third child, was born, she was totally bald. Totally.
And she stayed that way for several months. For that reason, I usually kept her in dresses or frills so people wouldn’t call her “him.”

One afternoon, when she was about six months old, I took all three children to the fair. Tiffany was 7; Tree was 5.
After parking the van, I went around to get Mandy out of her car seat – and what a shock I had.

Brother Tree had used a thick blue marker to draw curls all over Mandy’s bald head!

He explained that he was tired a people calling his baby sister a boy and that’s why he gave her curls.

Well, these markers, you know, are supposedly permanent. It took a long time for Mandy to “shed” her curls, even with frequent washing. In the meantime, she wore bonnets to cover those thick, navy blue curls!


The Brantley Boys said...

I wonder if sunscreen would have done the trick...

Sandee said...

Oh my. What kids will do. It makes perfect sense to them though. Thanks for the chuckle.

Have a great weekend. :)

Mudhooks said...

Oh dear...

I, apparently, had tight kinky curls when I was born. Some time later, they all fell out and I had thin blonde -almost white- straight, fine hair which started to darken by the time I was 7. My hair is now dark, fine and straight, but lots of it. Every so often, I find the odd very kinky hair.

I THINK Nature must have had a hard time deciding whose hair I would inherit, so it just gave me everyone's in 7 year leases.

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