Top Commentors in December and (Some of the) Blogs I Like to Visit

Thanks oodles to the Top Commentors on this blog during December. They are (in no particular order):

Patricia Rockwell

Wonders Never Cease (Sorry, Rebecca, I used a picture of your book cover because it's the only thing available.)

The Brantley Family (Yep, this is one of my daughters with her husband and son, so she's a bit prejudiced with her comments -- and sometimes too revealing!)

A Great Big THANKS to All Who Took Time to Comment in December:

AwendawLiving, Hootin’Anni,
PJ, Bathtubs For You, SoulMerlin,
Mary, JyLnC, dday,
Da Old Man, Patricia,
JudyBug, Sandee, Tricia,

Paul’sHealthBlog.com, liza,
Exaggerato, LaDolceVita with LeAnn,
Linda, PEA, Kidcessory Haven,
Joyce, Rebecca Ramsey,
The Brantley Family, My Autism Insights,
Beth F and Matt.

When blogging, the writer never knows what might interest readers most or what might motivate someone to comment. In fact, I'm usually intrigued by - and surprised by - which posts receive comments. Likewise, when I've occasionally conducted anonymous polls, I've been amazed by the topics that get the most responses.
My favorite comment in December, I think, is one by Joyce on a Wordless Wednesday post. I thought I was lazy; she compared me to Martha Stewart: http://blondesherry.blogspot.com/2008/12/wordless-wednesday-almost-cake-anyone.html.
There are certain blogs that I read frequently. I choose them for entertainment purposes, perhaps a good laugh, for information provided and various other reasons.
For example, Hillbilly Willy is offering a "guessing game" of sorts on his blog;
I enjoy the challenge on that one. Sandee at Comedy Plus always has great jokes; Rebecca Ramsey at Wonders Never Cease is one of the most creative individuals ever; Kathy at The Junk Drawer is another very creative person with a great blog; Patricia shares my interest in language, words, communication and such so I enjoy both of her blogs (Communications Exchange and Subjective Soup); Hootin' Anni is wonderful in the arts & crafts area
(and I'm not!) There are many others I think are fantastic for various reasons.
Some sites are inspirational; some have excellent photography;
some are political commentaries which I enjoy; others have great decorating and cooking ideas which I'll never be able to replicate or imitate.
Why do you visit the ones you read?


Matt said...

Sherry, I do most of my blog visiting through my EntreCard inbox. I look at the blogs I drop on, and if I am interested in what is posted then I'll comment. I love a good discussion, or debate, but I don't like to comment on a post that contains something I know nothing about just for the sake of commenting. I think that would not be fair to the author.

But I do not look for particular types of blogs to comment on, I will comment on anything from beautiful pictures to politics to funny stories. It's all good. Of cours, we all have our favorite sites that we like to visit because of the subject matter or whatever, but I find those sites during my dropping. And I am thankful to EntreCard for that.

Unknown said...

Matt: Thanks for your comment. I'e enjoyed your blog and, as you know, especially your post about dumb laws. Like you, I've found a lot of good sites through entrecards.com, although it seems that process is most beneficial for those who have advertising on their sites and benefit by the number of visitors to the site. (Or is that how it works? I'm not certain.) Some of my favorites are ones I have found through the "Over 50" Bloggers group. Regardless of the source, each week I seem to find another blog or two that I really want to keep up with.

Sandee said...

I think Entrecard has done a lot of good things with my blogging. I found Matt and you through Entrecard. Many others too.

I'm glad I made your list. Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a sweetheart you are! And no problem at all about using the cover as my picture...I love to get the word out about my book!
I always enjoy my visits to your blog!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Sherry...
Thanks for making me feel so good. I AM a crafty person. LOLOLOL A whole 'nother term I imagine...but I've been definitely dubbed as crafty. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit. Always.

Da Old Man said...

I also use entrecard, and like the others, I read when I drop. I really enjoy humor blogs, and political ones (no matter which leaning) as long as they encourage discussion. I especially like blogs that reveal something about the author. It is always interesting to learn more about other because I find it often reveals something about myself.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I also use Entrecard to find new blogs, but would be happy to visit other blogs in any other way I can. Thanks, Sherry, for mentioning Communication Exchange. Love your blog too and visit you regularly!

Willy said...

Willy drops by anywhere. Uses Entrecard and others.

Willy is sometimes in a hurry but finds that if something catches his eye he takes a look.

Willy is not to good on comments.

Guess Willy could get better in 2009
10-4 Willy

Kathy said...

Sherry, thank you for your kind words. As a humor writer, I'm always on the hunt for other humor blogs, but I do have a mixed bag of blogs I frequent. It's amazing the breadth of subjects out there. The hard part is reading all the blogs in my arsenal. Thank you for your visits to Junk Drawer. You make it part of what it is today! FUN!

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