I Was Just Wondering . . .

In watching coverage of Inauguration Day and the various activites, I heard one of the "talking heads" say, "This is one historic moment that will never be repeated."

So, I started thinking about that phrase and now I'm wondering: Does any moment in history EVER repeat itself?

I think not. No moment can ever happen again.

Of course, all of my life, I've heard the phrase - "History repeats itself."

Does it?


Bo said...

Hello Sherry...I am so glad to meet you...thanks for dropping by my lil ol' blog. I have joined your followers because I loved reading your posts...& I'll be back to visit often! "EX marks the spot"..LOL...clever!!
;-) Bo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Sherry...

That is a wonderful question. Of course, I don't have an answer, but I do have the burning curiosity to ponder it once my brain fog lifts. ;-)

Love your blog! I just read the post beneath this one about King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia and chuckled at your phone call experience and the tazi cab story. In turn, I have a very ditzy friend who assured me that King Juan Carlos was going to be at the Pedro Menendez Gala in St. Augustine several years ago, and I allowed myself to be suckered in and dressed in a peasant costume to go to the event with her. Mine was the last period costume from the Historical Society, and it literally defined the word frumpy.

There we were amongst all of these fabulously gowned re-enactors who live and die for things like this, and we looked like a couple of rejects from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. My husband refused to go with us because he didn't want to put his legs into a pair of tights and those balloon pants of the period. Good call on his part.

Even though King Juan Carlos wasn't there (he came and spoke two weeks later) and even though one of the re-enactors told me no woman alive of the period would appear without her bodice (I explained to her I was shipwrecked!), my ditzy friend and I were the ones chosen to be photographed for the newspaper. Fortuitously, they got my name wrong! ;-)

Off to watch the election coverage...



Sandee said...

This is just another inauguration. I agree with you.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

Well, we will have other inaugurations. I assume he meant we will never again have an inauguration of the FIRST black President. Just trying to defend a guy who probably hasn't had much sleep in the last 24 hours.

Unknown said...

The Quintessential Magpie: What a funny story!!! That's one with which I can really identify. Enjoyed your blog also.

Patricia: Oh, yes, I would guess that's what the talking head meant. My belief is that history never repeats itself - not exactly anyway.

Da Old Man said...

History doesn't repeat itself, but if we don't learn from it, we will continue to make the same mistakes. Is that repetition? Could be.

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