Christmas Stockings

I’ve always loved holiday stockings
Just hanging at Christmas time
Waiting the reindeers’ dockings
And each bell’s jingle and chime.

Sometimes the stockings are big
They’re great in all kinds of sizes
Whether skinny or fat like a pig
They hold treats and surprises.


Mary said...


All of the stockings are adorable. Hubby and I don't hang stockings. However, we do stuff them for our grandsons.

This year I joined a Christmas stocking swap. It was a lot of fun and I have a fully stuffed stocking full of goodies.

Thanks for stopping by my Writing Nook and leaving such kind comments. I enjoyed meeting you.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love stockings at Christmas time. They are one of my favorite traditions. We open gifts on Christmas Eve and then Stockings on Christmas morning. These are really cute - I love the gingham stocking.

Unknown said...

Mary: A Christmas Stocking Exchange? That sounds fabulous! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

Unknown said...

JyLnC: I like the gingham one also, but, then again, I like all stockings. I have many more but they are still in storage so this will be a Christmas without some of them.I'm glad you took time to share your tradition.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

So cute!
I hope your stocking is filled with goodies this year!

dday said...

When I was I kid i used to hang stockings, I always thought that Santa would give me more presents if I will hang big ones. heheh.. :-)

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