Christmas, Sniffles & Puffs

Christmas was – well, it was hard to describe this year.

For one thing, I’ve been sick since the 23rd or 24th. If I had money to invest, it would be in Kleenex or one of the other brands of tissues.

Actually, the investment would probably be in the Puffs brand. That’s because my daughter has decided that her son should call me Grandma Puff. That’s a whole ‘nother story!

If had a nickel for every time I’ve coughed or sneezed, I would definitely have the money to invest in Puffs, Kleenex and lots of other things.

But Christmas was also wonderful. Daughter Tiffany came home from Nashville; son Tree was home from D.C.; daughter Mandy, her husband, Adam, and their son, Harrison, were home from Denver. Could there be anything better than having them all at home at the same time, even if for a short while only??

And on the 26th, I played with grandson Harrison while Tiffany, Tree, Mandy and Adam cooked dinner for all of us. They shopped, cooked and cleaned up afterward. What a treat! Everything was SO delicious. I'm still eating leftovers -- enjoying and remembering.

The night before – on Christmas – we were all up at Mom’s house with my two brothers and two sisters and their families. Lively and loud the whole night.

Clement Moore wrote “not a creature was stirring” about Christmas Eve; on this Christmas night, when our family was gathered, ALL of the creatures were stirring – and more. It was certainly not a "silent night."

Even though I was sick and had a splitting headache, I still enjoyed being with family. (The Dawg was sick, so he didn’t get to go to Mom’s. Or perhaps he would say he was sick, so he didn’t have to go.)

The celebration part with family is over but Christmas should never be over.
May you live Christmas all year ‘round – the way it’s meant to be!

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