What an Excuse! It Almost Hurts!

I have two brothers and two sisters. The five of us are sorta spread out age-wise. I’m 59; Rod is 54; Christy, 52; Shawn, 42; and Lorri, 40. Yep, that’s a stretch of almost 20 years – all from the same two parents.
Mom and Dad moved from South Carolina to Tennessee when Shawn and Lorri were entering the third and first grades, respectively. The older three of us were pretty much on our own by then, so we were not part of the move.

One time, when Mom and Dad had to go out of town for a convention, Rod went up to Knoxville to take care of Shawn and Lorri. That was a mistake - a BIG mistake.
All three overslept on a school morning. When they woke up and rushed around getting ready for school, Shawn was insistent that he needed a note for his teacher. He simply had to have an explanation so that he wouldn’t get in trouble.
So, big brother, Rod, wrote a note, folded it, and gave it to Shawn. Shawn was satisfied, happy to get this written excuse for his teacher; he didn’t read the note – obviously.
When he got to school and handed the note to his teacher, she started laughing.
Rod had written: “Please excuse Shawn for being late to school. He got a banana stuck in his nose and couldn’t get it out.”

Rod, Lorri, Mom, Sherry, Christy, Shawn


Sandee said...

Oh my. Bwahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Lovely family BTW. Have a great day and weekend. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

Your family looks great! You must have had a wonderful childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

What a lovely family picture! Thank you for the smile too about the bananna :-)

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