Snoring Around the World

One of the things about snoring is that the snorer doesn’t seem to know about it. You know what I mean?
The first time I ever really knew I snored was several years ago when I took my three children (all young adults) to Germany between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
I got the airline tickets way in advance to get a deal. Then, still trying to travel on a tight budget, we shared hotel rooms. That meant four of us in a room that might have been better for two people – or just one.
I never got any sleep because my children kept waking me up to tell me to quit snoring. All three vowed to never share a room with me again. In fact, I think they don’t even want to try to sleep in the same house.

Then, in the summer of 2006, I went with about 50 other law students to study International Commercial Arbitration at Johannes Kepler Universitat in Linz, Austria. During the week, I had my own room in the dorm. But on the weekends, when we traveled as a group to visit courts in other countries, I roomed with three fellow students. Karen, Reagan and Ariel are all quite a bit younger than I am. (Everybody on the trip was a quite a bit younger!) I warned all three ahead of time that I was a snorer, but, as students, we were all trying to save money and they agreed they could put up with snoring in order to save money by splitting the costs four ways. They didn’t understand what kind of deal they were making; I think all three used ear plugs the whole time.
One night, I went to sleep much earlier than Karen, Reagan and Ariel. Karen shot a video of me sleeping – sound effects and all. The view was nothing compared to the noise of my snoring! It was horrendous!
After our return to the US, I went to the doctor and learned that I have sleep apnea.
Anyway, let this be my public apology to those folks who have missed hours and nights of sleep because of my snoring - at home and around the world.
Oh, and by the way, Karen, would you please destroy that video?

Ariel, Karen & Reagan bargaining with a gondolier for a good price on a ride in Venice.

Justin, Reagan, Karen & Ariel getting ready for the carriage ride around a palace. I believe this one is in Vienna.


The Brantley Boys said...

I have heard numerous types of snoring before. One thing is for certain: no one, I mean no one, snores like you. Adam is just praying that it isn't hereditary!

Sandee said...

How fun, well except for the snoring part. Have a great day. :)

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Oh to funny....however, it nice to know I'm not alone. Do you think there is a group for Snorer's Anonymous? I'm sure I could share a room with you with no cares or concerns ---as I snore like a freight train (so I'm told!)
BTW---the picture on my blog is:
Worlds Largest cuckoo clock factory in Black Forest Germany. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are one busy girl, enjoyed my visit.

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