A New Experience

Well, this is a new experience for me. The Dawg and I are in Jacksonville, Florida, for the Dixie Southern Pigeon Racing Association convention.

I'm with a bunch of pigeoneers/pigeon fanciers (The Dawg is one of 'em.) These are folks who breed and raise and train racing pigeons.

Even though the title of the organization is "Dixie Southern," that's quite a misnomer for those in attendance. There are several from England and several from other parts of the US. For example, Carlos Napolitano is here. He is the manager of the pigeon loft for the Queen of England! She, apparently, is an avid pigeoneer. Tonight I talked at length with John and Pam, pigeon fanciers from South-on-Sea on the Thames River near London. Derek, another pigeoneer, is from Manchester, England, originally but is now a resident of Georgia.

Pigeons are let out miles and miles and miles from home -- and then, somehow, find their way back home. It's amazing.

I'm learning -- and will try to share information and tidbits in the near future.

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Sandee said...

This is a huge deal. I know a couple of folks that have homing pigeons and they take all this very seriously. It is amazing indeed. Have a great day. :)

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