Rains and Trains: I Could Have - and Would Have

Yesterday, my 31-year-old son, Tree, called from D.C. to tell me he was coming into town for two depositions. He asked if I could pick him up from the train station at 5:00 AM today and then take him into downtown Charleston. Of course, I could -- and would.
He was tired after the all-night travel, so there was a slight change in plans. Could I take him home to Summerville for a quick shower and then back into downtown Charleston? Of course, I could -- and would.
On the way home, I asked if he’d brought any rain gear. The forecast was for heavy rain all weekend. Oh, no, he hadn’t thought about the possibility of rain. Did I have an umbrella I could let him borrow? Of course, I did, I could – and would.
While he was upstairs showering, I found a small umbrella and put it at the bottom of the stairs. When he came downstairs, he exclaimed, “Mom, you’ve GOT to be kidding!”
“About what,” I asked.
“This umbrella,” he responded. “It’s pink.”
Well, yes, it was pink. Hot pink. Almost fuchsia. But it was an umbrella.
“Don’t you have another one?” he asked.
I thought for a minute and said, “Yes. It’s brown and black.”
“That’s better,” Tree stated.
Then I added, “But it’s a leopard print.”
“Mom, who in the world buys your stuff?” he asked, and then shook his head and added, “Never mind. I know. YOU do.”
He decided to take his chances of getting wet.
Those chances are about 100%, since it is pouring hard outside.
Right about now, I’m guessing the fuschia umbrella and the leopard print umbrella might be awfully appealing.

But there's more: a short while ago, I found two more umbrellas, one red & white and the other navy blue. Much more manly than the hot pink and the leopard print. Don't dare tell him, though. By now, he's soaked through to the bones!

I could have let him use one of those -- and I would have -- if only I'd found them earlier!

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