Just Had to Do It!

Well, I just had to steal these pictures from daughter Mandy's blog and post them here. I gave her this pacifier for her son, Harrison. Based on her reaction, I didn't think she'd EVER let him use it, but here it is. Doesn't he look just as happy as can be? He's a regular ol' Bubba Joe!
After taking the first picture, she planned to go back to using his regular or usual one. Little did she know that he would spit it out and grab the Bubba Joe pacifier. He LIKES it! It makes him happy!


Momstart said...

That's cute, my kids won't take one, they want their thumbs

The Brantley Boys said...

You have to go and look at the blog now and see the post titled "Classy Paci Part 2." www.meetharrisonbrantley.blogspot.com

PJ said...

How funny!! I've never seen a pacifier like that!!! LOL

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