Creativity Can Be Alarming!

Sometimes creativity causes problems. Like when children are budding artists and want to color outside the lines, even though they are expected to color inside the lines. Or when a creative writer is told to write a news story and to stick with basic facts with no flowery language. Or budding fashionistas who have to wear uniforms to school.

When we were growing up, we were encouraged toward creativity. Sometimes, however, this could be quite challenging. I remember one time in particular.

Brother Shawn, even now, is quite inventive, and he was as a child also.
When he was about 10, he was into building things and experimenting. So, one day, as a surprise, he built a burglar alarm of sorts. The trouble was that he hooked it up to the commode!
Well, it was definitely a surprise.

When Mom came home from work and went straight to the bathroom, as she always did, she sat down on the toilet seat which had just been rigged with Shawn’s burglar alarm system.
Yep, she was surprised alright. Shocked may be more like it.
At least Mom and Dad had encouraged creativity – quite successfully!

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