This Doctor Knows How to Score Points

Wow! I’ve just learned what a great doctor I have!

Actually, I’m fortunate enough to have several good doctors, but, this time, I’m referencing the dermatologist, Dr. Ward, who is also an associate professor at MUSC. Since there is history of skin cancer in our family, I see him occasionally.

The most recent visit was last week; I had several spots that were of concern to me. Which brings me to the reason I think Dr. Ward is superb: What everyone else calls “age spots,” he calls “wisdom spots.”

Doesn’t that sound just SO much better???!!!! Who wants to be covered with age spots when it's possible to be covered with wisdom spots instead?!!

He’s a young doctor (but aren’t they ALL these days?); maybe med school is now teaching would-be doctors to phrase things more nicely or kindly, or maybe it’s just Dr. Ward’s upbringing.

Either way, he scored points with me!

Thank you, Dr. Ward.


Patricia Rockwell said...

Amen, to your thoughtful dermatologist!

Also, I have given your blog an "I Love This Blog" award. Check it out at Communication Exchange. Congratulations!

Martha said...

Sherry, my dermatologist told me a spot was a "wisdom spot" last month when I was there. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Ward must have gone to school together :).

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