Time for a Change?

Dads (generally) are much more involved in their children’s lives when they are newborns and up until toddler ages than they used to be. They are more aware of what needs to be done.

I was the first-born to my parents, so there was a lot of experimenting, I guess.
This was a LONG time ago. There was no such thing as a throw-away diaper. No Pampers, no Huggies, no Luvs, etc. Just the cloth diapers that had to be washed and rewashed.
Many times over, I’ve heard the story about the first time Mom left me alone with Dad.
Apparently, my diapers were dirty – and I don’t mean just wet. They were DIRTY. Dad didn’t know what to do. However, it seems he wanted to do what was best for his little baby girl.
There just happened to be a barrel full of rainwater outside, so Dad took me outside, held me by the arms and dunked me up and down in the rain barrel until he believed both the diaper and I were clean – if not dry.
I hope he didn’t have other plans for that barrel of rainwater.

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