Talk About Misery . . .

With The Dawg, Mom and one of her friends, I just spent a few days at the beach. That part was wonderful. The four of us had a delightful time.
What wasn't wonderful was that I couldn't connect to the Internet! I am totally addicted to the Internet. Such misery!
I had the laptop with me but couldn't post to the blog, read blogs by others, check e-mail, pay bills online, get notification of birthdays -- you know the drill. I do just about everything online.
My hands and wrists didn't get their daily keyboard work-out. They were lost and confused.
My laptop is almost an appendage to me, a part of me. The withdrawal symptoms were severe.
However, Mom and her friend had some interesting stories, and they will definitely show up in future posts.
It's great to be back online!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally understand! I can stay online all day, checking email, looking at Facebook, etc. We didn't have email access at Edisto either, drove me nuts!

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