An "August" Month

Today, finally, five-month-old grandson Harrison got to meet my mom, his great-grandmother. Both seemed happy!
In fact, all four generations (pictured above) enjoyed it!

August has been a month of some special family time, and I am SO very happy about that! Daughter Tiffany lives in Nashville but spent a weekend with me during the month. Daughter Mandy, her husband, Adam, and their son, Harrison, were here this week from Denver. And this coming weekend, The Dawg and I are going to Washington, DC, to see my son, Tree. I am on Cloud Nine! Of course, I wish they all lived right here in South Carolina, but that’s not the way things have worked out.

Aside from getting to see all of them and spend at least a little time with each, as regular readers of this blog know, brother Rod had successful surgery to remove a brain tumor earlier this month. He still has to have some more treatment but the entire tumor was removed! Yea!!!

August also brought Mom’s 83rd birthday and we are all grateful to have her healthy and active and enjoying life! (Saying active and enjoying life is an understatement with my mom!!!!) If you’ve read previous posts about Mom, you know she’s quite a character and lots of fun.

Speaking of August, it's the birth month of lots of notable folks – other than Mom - like Virginia Dare, Annie Oakley, Ernie Pyle, Marshall Field, the two men who comprised the Lewis & Clark expedition team (Meriwether Lewis and William Clark), Benjamin Harrison, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, Davy Crockett, Francis Scott Key, Huey Long, Oliver Wendell Holmes; the list goes on.

Earlier in August, The Dawg and I spent a long weekend with Mom and with some friends up in the mountains on the North Carolina/South Carolina state line. It was SO relaxing and restful – and fun!

And on top of all of this, I joined Weight Watchers. Tonight was weigh-in; I lost four pounds this week! Woo-hoo!!!! I haven’t posted weight losses during the previous three weeks – and there’s a reason for that. I lost a bit each week but not anywhere near four pounds. This may also be the ONLY time I post my weight loss.

The good news about August drawing to a close is that this means cooler weather is on the way. In South Carolina, "cooler" is a relative term. Getting to anything close to actually cool might take a long while but at least it’s a move in the right direction weather-wise. However, it also means the hurricane season is in full force.

Not many month's names are words in and of themselves. August is one of those with a name that is also a regular word; the others are March and May. The word “august” means grand, majestic, impressive. For me, August has been august indeed - a grand month!

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