Yesterday I left hot, humid coastal South Carolina and flew to the Mile-High City of Denver to take care of three-month-old Harrison for a week. Harrison (see pictures on the left-hand side of the page - PLEASE) is the only grandchild (so far) and I am delighted to spend time with him.
Anyway, I learned something on the flight from Atlanta to Denver. [Yes, most southerners have to fly through Atlanta to get anywhere. There’s an old joke that when a southerner dies, he or she has to go through Atlanta to get to heaven (or hell.)]
Okay, I digressed. What I learned on the flight out is that one way airlines are saving money is to use little to no air-conditioning. It was extremely warm on the plane, which was full. It was, in fact, pretty miserable.
When I mentioned this to my daughter, she said they were returning from a wedding in Birmingham over the weekend and had a delay in Atlanta. The delay didn’t occur until after they had boarded the plane in Atlanta to return to Denver. They spent over an hour sitting in the plane at the airport with NO air-conditioning. No air-conditioning in Atlanta is very different from no air-conditioning in Alaska.


Anonymous said...

That sounds about as miserable as having to don the friar tuck robe every Sunday from May until November.

Anyway, I know you will love seeing and holding your cutie pie grandson!

The Brantley Boys said...

It is quite miserable on planes now. I mean, I feel for the airlines b/c fuel is so expensive, but not turning on the a/c is one of the few places that I wish they wouldn't cut. Not sure if it would save any money, but I would rather them discontinue use of the toilet. But that could be a more terrible option.

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