The Last Piece of Pie

When Mom was growing up, there were five kids in the family. Three girls, two boys. (This, by the way, was a “small” family by comparison; her dad was one of 15 children; her mom was one of 12.)
One day, as the family meal ended, there was one piece of pie left. Both of the boys, Boice and Lucius, wanted that piece of pie. Someone suggested that, instead of arguing, they should draw straws for the pie, so Lucius went to get the straws.

Guess what happened when he went to get the straws? That’s when Boice decided to go ahead and eat that last piece of pie.
As Lucius returned to the table with the straws, he suddenly realized there was nothing left to draw for. The pie was gone!
Well, I guess that’s one way of settling a controversy!


dancer-in-me said...

That is hilarious!! Mean, but funny all the same. I can imagine what happened next. AHH, kids. Course we would have never done things like that when WE were little. Hee! hee!

Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on your journey. Doing it with a group will be great for support. And don't feel embarrased for your weight. It is just a number and that number is not who you are. It will only go down.

I see you are a SC girl too. I am from Sumter. Are you going to do a weight loss blog or just post on this one?

Martha said...

Thanks Sherry for your comment on "A Day in the Life." I recognized your name as soon as I saw it but couldn't place where until I read your bio and remembered when you ran for office. :) I am from Greenville. As you can see, I've just begun to blog and am enjoying it tremendously albeit not that proficient a writer. I do love words and one daughter, living in Brazil, inherited that and has become an author of children's books. Thanks and visit again...www.mvaughan408.blogspot.com.

btw, I love your blog, particularly this story. It reminds me of something that our older sister would have done to my younger and I.

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