Humor - Without a Match!

I’ve always believed we could find humor in just about anything.
Now, having said that, let me share a humorous experience as a result of someone being hard of hearing.
Six of us – The Dawg, Chuck and Pat, my mom and my ex-sister-in-law Becky – spent a weekend in the mountains. No TV, no computers (unless we left the mountain home and went into town); we didn’t turn on a radio and we didn’t have a newspaper. I truly thought I would croak without constant access to e-mail and the Internet, but here I am. I didn’t croak.
Anyway, on the first night, we played a version of “The Match Game.” Someone would ask a question, then all six of us would write down an answer, trying to match other answers. For example, Mom said, “Name a color other than red.” Four of us wrote “blue”; one wrote “pink”; another wrote “black.” Those of us who went with “blue” scored points.
Three of the six of us are a bit hard of hearing. I won't call all of the names but one of the three is Mom.
So, with this background, imagine the scenario. Becky said, “Finish this sentence: ‘Don’t squeeze my _______’.”
My answer was Charmin. Someone else also wrote Charmin. I figured everyone would put down the name of that squeezably soft toilet tissue.
Well, I don’t remember all of the answers, but I’ll never forget Mom’s answer. She wrote “butt off.”
Don’t squeeze my butt off? What in the world?
We couldn’t figure out why Mom had written such an odd answer but she was equally puzzled by our responses.
As it turns out, Mom thought Becky had said “Don’t freeze my ______.”
At least, freezing the butt off makes a whole lot more sense that squeezing the butt off!

This episode reminds me of the story about a man who arrived at home and told his wife, “I’ve got the sofa you asked for.” She had no idea what he was talking about. He explained, “You called and said for me to pick up a sofa bed.”
“No,” she countered. “I asked you to bring home a loaf of bread, not a sofa bed!”

See? There really is humor to be found in everyday life!

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