Whining About Wine

We need a wine-drinkers’ protest. It’s time to whine about wine.
I’m not much of a drinker, but I enjoy a glass of wine. The emphasis here is on “glass” – not on the wine.
Have you ever noticed how much wine a customer gets in a glass at a restaurant or at a party? It is not a glass of wine; it’s a glass with some wine in it – and it’s only about halfway full.
What else is there is this whole wide world that a customer gets half of when ordering a whole one? Order a hamburger, an entire hamburger arrives. Order a beer, then a bottle of beer, can of beer or full glass of beer arrives. Order a piece of toast and voila! There’s a whole piece of toast. Even a scoop of ice cream is a full scoop.
Consider other beverages. A glass of tea means a full glass of tea. A cup of coffee is a full cup of coffee.
A sommelier might argue that wine needs space for evaporating or breathing. I really don’t care if my glass of wine breathes or not. Let me take a few sips out of a full glass; then the rest of the wine can breathe.
Wine drinkers are discriminated against in other ways. In places where there is the traditional “happy hour” with reduced prices, usually the only reduced prices are those of beer and perhaps mixed drinks, but rarely wine. Why?
I don’t drink beer. I don’t drink mixed drinks. I like wine. Why can’t my hour be as happy as the hour is for those who drink other beverages at reduced prices?
If I’m going to get a half-glass of wine when I order a glass of wine, then maybe the price ought to be cut in half as well.

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