He injured WHAT???

I don’t know a whole lot about sports, although I know there are lessons to be learned from sports.
Over the years, my children played soccer, softball, football and volleyball; one ran track; all three were on swim teams, so I’m gradually catching on.
The Ex – the second (and last) one – didn’t care a thing about sports. He never even knew which sport was being played during what season.
But The Dawg, my male friend, is all about sports; he’s a fanatic. Even though I’ve learned a good bit from him, there are some things I’ll never understand.
Quite a few years ago, for some unknown reason, I was looking at the sports pages when I came across an article about NFL injuries for the season. The article had a list of players and their respective injuries. There, right in the list of those guys and their injuries, was the name of Donnell Bennett. His problem wasn’t like the rest of them. He didn’t have an injury to his elbow or shoulder or knee. Instead, according to the article, Donnell Bennett suffered a “bruised thing.”
For all of these years, I’ve wondered about his “bruised thing.” Perhaps it was a misprint and should have been “thigh.” Maybe the writer couldn’t remember what the injury was and planned to make a correction later.
And maybe poor Donnell Bennett really did injure his thing. Ouch! A painful injury publicized to the whole world.
Such is the sports world, I guess.
The lesson? Always protect your things.

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